December 22, 2010

Mix Tape: Baron Von Luxxury wants to love you for an hour and 10 min.

Mr. Von Luxxury is an awesome guy who wants to love you for an hour and 10 mins.
Check out his latest mix of disco, electro and remixes.
Makes me fell so good!


"When I'm With You (excerpt)" - Best Coast
"Celestica" - Crystal Castles
"Love Kills" - Robyn
"Sprawl II (Thunderlust Remix)" - Arcade Fire
"Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern Disco Dub)" - Mark Ronson ft MNDR & Q-tip
"I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)" - Marina and the Diamonds
"Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost Remix)" - LCD Soundsystem
"Hallo Bimmelbahn" - Nighttrain/"Barbra Streisand" - Duck Sauce
"Fire with Fire (Baron von Luxxury Remix)" - Scissor Sisters
"The Day We Fell in Love (Todd Edwards Remix)" - Appaloosa
"Little People (Black City)" - Matthew Dear/"Monster (Nicki Minaj verse)" - Kanye West
"Clicksha" - Reporter
"Change" - Acid Washed
"American Man" - Ladies Choice
"The Cold World Melts" - Soft Metals
"High on the Heels" - The Whitest Boy Alive
"Round and Round" - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti
"Lazy Calm (Baron von Luxxury Edit)" - Cocteau Twins
"Eat Flesh (Baron von Luxxury Remix)" - HEALTH
"Castles in the Snow" - Twin Shadow
"Symptom of the Universe (Lexx Edit)" - Black Sabbath
"Infinity Guitars" - Sleigh Bells
"Whammy Kiss" - B-52s
"Shadow World" - Xeno & Oaklander
"Honey" - Ben et Bene
"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - St. Etienne
"Hearts" - oOoOO
"The Captain of Her Heart" - Double
"I, I, I (Todd Terje Edit)" - The Osmonds
"Odessa" - Caribou
"Billie Holiday" - Miike Snow
"Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Earth Out Remix)" - Kelis
"Rock and Roll People in A Disco World" - Sparks
"Only Girl in the World" - Rihanna
"Fade to Black" - MNDR
"Blitz" - Digitalism
"Cheree" - Suicide
"Luv Goon" - Pearl Harbor/Puro Instinct
"With You Forever" - Pnau

December 6, 2010

Kid Sister - DO! DO! DO! - Carte Blanche

This morning Kid Sister posted a link to the song "Do! DO! Do!" in which she is featured.
Most of Carte Blanche's stuff is a little too pop-dance for me but this BLACK BILLIONAIRES EP is more my flavor. And most things with Kid Sister are alright in my book.

November 19, 2010


One of my favorite spots in LA, Royal T, is getting down with the TRON Legacy. They will be hosting a pop up shop that will roll out more than 150 TRON-inspired items over the course of six weeks as a lead-up to the release of the sequel. "The shop will feature designer handbags, shoes and jewelry as well as t- shirts, sweatshirts and cool gear for all Electro-Geeks!!!" They also will have a TRON menu. Humm..I wonder what will be on that. Blue berry disc pancakes?

It opens tonight: Cant wait!:
8910 Washington Blvd, Cuvler City,

Tron: 1982 vs 2010 Light Bikes:

November 16, 2010

Blue Dress: Depech Mode: Best Album

I woke up with a song in my head from one of the best albums of all time. I had to listen to it about three times really loud before sharing with you. It is so pretty. It makes me sad and happy. Not many songs do that.

08 Blue Dress by Hear Music

October 25, 2010

Mix: Rythm and Blues: Lovers: Adam 12

For the R&B fans!
Adam 12 takes us back with some 90's jams that remind me of my college days in Frisco.  It starts out with Aalyiha's "One and a Million".  Sexy times, yes?

Adam 12 @ AFEX 10 21 10 by DJ Adam 12

And here's a little remix that is kind of nice!
Crazy in Love (Adam 12 Remix) by DJ Adam 12

October 20, 2010

J. Roddy Walston and The Business

Was hanging with the Little Radio posse which is always fun cause by the time I leave I am over whelmed with music and informaion.
Well here's some music and a really cute video from some Baltimore locals.
Rock on!

September 30, 2010

Aeroplane: They Can Fly

I seriously love these guys. They killed it with their remix of Friendly Fires' "Paris" and with Sebastien Tellier's "Kilometer" and with MGMT's "Electric Feel" (Just to name a few).

Love this new one. Will be busting this one out for a while! I think that it will mix very well with some Grace Jones.

Click on the head line above for some of their mixs.

September 24, 2010

John Legend Wakes Up with the Roots

'Compared to What" is my favorite Roberta Flack song.  John Legend and the Roots do a nice little cover on their new album and I am not mad at it.  It is actually really funky.  
All in all this whole album is pretty good.  A really good collaboration for those R&B and Hip Hop heads.  Two thumbs up.

Wake Up! by johnlegend

September 14, 2010

Bob James Jams

I have a slight Bob James obsession. In my collage days, when I used to chill out to this stuff, people would walk into my dorm and ask me why I was listening to 70's porn music.
Bob James has been one of the most sought after musicians of the 70's/80's jazz/funk sound by Hip Hop and Electronic producers searching for the ultimate sample. If you go through is music catalog you will find little snippets here and there that have been sampled over and over.
Here are are few of my jams:

Tappan Zee - Bob James by USM Publishing

TOP JAM: Bob James - Nautilus

I can't even begin to explain what this jam means to me.  It is one of my TOP JAMS of all time.  A top ten.  Listening to it fills me with a feeling of whimsy and nostalgia.  I discovered this jam in my high-school days and spent a lot of time daydreaming to it.  A synth, jazz, funk master piece by the one and only Bob James.

September 3, 2010

Futurecop: Epic Synth

A little Revenge of the Nerds, a little Never Ending Story, a little Daft Punk and a lot of synth.  Still on the underground tip of the Elctro Disco scene Futurecop! has that 80's revival sound that club kids love.  Just heavy enough and still disco danceable.  

September 2, 2010

DJ Vice does a nicey mix.

Here is a little mix from DJ Vice for all thoughs that lived through the 80's and were old enough to turn the knob on the radio dial.

DJ VICE - Breakfast Clubbin Mix by DJVice

August 20, 2010

How to Survive Top Shop and Relax to Little Dragon

When I travel to London I always make one stop at the Oxford Circus Top Shop. This is a massive store (four levels) which on any summers day is filled with frantic, trendy, style hunters searching for the latest hot, hight street fashions. It's a frenzy of women shoppers that could almost be categorized as a sport. It's enough to drive any well behaved fashionista mad.

Here is my guide for surviving the Oxford Circus Top Shop:

1. Before heading in grab some food and a coffee. You will need some energy in there. There is a cafe on the basement level but it isn't the most picturesque place in London.

2. Set a time limit. It is like a time warp in there and after two hours you may start making rash decisions that put you in the "what was she thinking" category.

3. Check out the British fashion magazines and get an idea of what you want to by. That will keep you focused.

4. Get ready to queue!  The British are so good about standing in lines.

5. Be prepared for rude staff. They have been stuck in this massive room with florescent lights, hundreds of adrenaline pumped women and no windows.  They could give a shit about you.

6. Even if the queue is long try stuff on.

Then go home and relax to some LITTLE DRAGON:

Little Dragon - Twice by 2sheep4coke

Little dragon drop by slipT kid

Little Dragon - Feather by shaunlopez

August 9, 2010

Thrasher Kind of Mood

Again, thanks to Mad Decent, the Po Po Summer Mix Tape. Totally thrash'n.
Download here:

Other Jams that THRASH:
The Horrors - Scarlet Fields by tadpolegames

The Cramps - Garbageman (Scissorkicks re-edit) by scissorkicks

August 4, 2010


Scotland is a beautiful country. I just spent the past 10 days traveling in a car, with only the radio, and visited with so many people it has been a little over whelming.
Here's a map of my travels:

It was a lot of driving with out an ipod conection. Luckly I had rented two CDs from the Library, (unfortunatly they weren't really the CDs I was in the mood to listen to, but hey.) Arcaid Fires' "Funeral", wich is a great album, and the Chemical Brothers.

Whilts in Crinan Bay I watched the ships roll in a listened to a lot of Mumford and Sons, thanks to Paul Sinclair.
Mumford And Sons - The Cave by IndieRock Universe

And then I went to the Isle of Arran and this happened to me:

On our last night in Soctland I sat up intell the wee hours of the morning, in an old hotel converted into his home, and played funk albums.
Herbie Hancock 'Wiggle Waggle' (Mr. Scruff Remix) by Mr Scruff

July 19, 2010

Love Box round up

Rizla Truck: never disapionting: always on point:

Booka Shade: the highlight: impecable:

Hercules and Love Affair: The Best, seriously:

Empire of the Sun was Awsome!

Peaches: this bitch is crazy:

Mark Ronson wasn't that great but I love this song:

Chromeo:Realy good: Danced my ass off:

Hot Chip:

Crookers: Heavy: couldn't find any live footage:

July 15, 2010

Do you hunt for vintage?

This is a store for those who are serious vintage hunters. They have pieces from the 19th century, which for a girl from the US is a big deal. Tucked away in a little western corner of London the store is almost unrecognizable by the those wandering home from the tube station. Inside is a wonder for the eyes. A mix of new designers, art and selective vintage. it is worth the trip. I heard that Kate Mose is a frequent shopper.

Lucky for those that don't live in London, you can shop on line! Click on the headline above or follow the link below to view the wonders.

July 12, 2010

Pims with Soul Clap

Doesn't this look lovely. A jug of pimps, hot weather and soulclap

To hear a full play list from Soul Clap follow the link below to their page on Sound Cloud:

Why Brighton Rocks

The pier and rides: Fun:

Sea fare: Yumm:

The fact that they throw parties like this:

Cassette Lord & Memory Cassette

July 6, 2010

Gary Numan, Empire of the Sun, and Dr Who at the Library

The Library is an amazing place. I picked up a card to my local branch and was amazed at their CD selection. For a pound I took out Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bookends' (sometimes you need a little hippie dippie in your life), Tubeway Army's 'Replicas' (an amazing album!!!!!) and Empire of the Sun's debut album 'Walking on a Dream.' Not to mention for a pound I can also rent any Dr Who which caused a Dr Who marathon in our flat.

I don't know what to say about Gary Numan. This is a classic album that was the predecessor to much electro/disco/new wave that fallowed in the early 80's. "Are Friends' Electric' (just covered by the Dead Weather) is the know one here, but the whole album is a dream. Just check this out this 1981 performance in London if your not knowing:

Because I haven't listened to it in its entirety I am super excited about the Empire of the Sun album. When I first came across them about a year ago it was the album cover that caught my attention first. It looks like a movie poster. The other day my mates and I analyzed the cover and came up with what the movie would be about. I am excited to see them perform at love box in two weeks. Hope it's not disappointing!
I guess their movie would look something like this

Food: Roasting tips:

Before cooking, season well and use a knife to make pockets in the meat for garlic halfs. Quickly sear the out side of your meat at a high temperature and then cook it at low temperature in the oven. Long and slow. Let it stand for 10 minutes before carving. Thank you Mr. Sinclair for that one
(PS. find a butcher near you that sells non industrial raised meat. you don't want slave meat.)

July 3, 2010

Greenwich Market, the center of space and time, & Jamie lidell


A picture in the foot tunnel that goes under the Thames river to a quaint cafe that serves Jerk chicken and a good cuppacino.


In this little pocket of London there is a market that is known for it's antiques, vintage, trinkets, collectables, new fashion trends and old prints. If you go there on a Friday when all the stalls are open it is a wonder of things old and new. I once bought an antique wooden wall phone that still worked.


The food stalls here are a treat. With authentic cuisine from all over the world competing for your money, most of the stalls serve fresh, home cooked fair. I went for the Japanese home made noodles. The noodles and broth are made fresh to order and dumplings are delectable as well. Fun to watch and good to eat.

Too bad this place was closed. Peeked in the window and saw vintage clothing to die for. Must go back

Did you know that time starts in Greenwich? This is because the universal meridian line runs through this village. That makes this the first shop in the world.

Music: This song is so Prince.

Mr. Lidell is playing this weekend in Hyde Park. Yummy.

July 2, 2010

Welcome to sandy balls: Camping with Lords of the Underground:

Glastonbury! One of the biggest music events of Brittan's festival season. Sorry to say I didn't attend. Instead I made my own festival while camping in the New Forest. Just a tent, gourmet food, and Lords of the Underground.

Food: Local cheeses with locally brewed beer.

Music: Aaaa, yes. Nothing like sitting in a the English country side and bumping some early 90's hip hop. Chef RocKa, Love Me or Leave Me Alone, Headbanger, Fake'n The Funk and Straighten it Out just to name a few:

June 25, 2010

Kings of Leon vs Lykki Li and the Harrods food court

Apperently drunk driving is not an issue here.

Food: The Harrods food court is amazing. If you can stumoch their outragus prices it's ther prefect place to indulge your tastse buds. Either champagnie and oysters, or the guy that sings Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" while making your pizza, or the oversized ice cream sundays. Yum!

Jam of the Week:

June 23, 2010

Music: Rusko "Hold On" Sub Focus remix

Music:Rusko "Hold On" Sub Focus remix

So sick when the beat hits and the cyber synth kicks in. Wow.

Thank the lord for countries that allow children pubs and Bag Raiders

Culture: My Euro Trip: London Street Culture: World Cup=PUBS:

Today was 80 degrees in the wonderful city of London. The world cup is in full heat as England played today in South Africa (and won) and men had their tops off at the parks.

Did you know that you can sharpen knives on the bottom of ceramic plates? I didn't.

Bag Raiders are fun. Me likie the Flight Facilities Business Class Lounge and LIght Year Remix of "Turbo Love"

Oh and lets not for get one of my favorite dudes at the moment Siruismo and his remix of Bag Raiders' tune "Shooting Stars". This is so good!

Visit the labels website for all info on Bag Raiders:

June 18, 2010

Sleigh Bells "Tell Em" and Dead Weather "I'm Man"

Packing for my summer Euro jammy and got through it rock'n the new Dead Weather album and Sleigh Bells.

Sleigh Bells rocks. It reminded me a little of what Wild Stallions would sound like.

From Archive to real blogging

All posted before this one are archived and brought in from

Man Purses and Black Tights

My Euro vacation:

It's my second day in London and I can't help but notice that most women are waring black leggings and most men are sporting a man purse. Here are my theories on this fashion Phnom.
London is a city were once your out your out for the day. I guess most women ware leggings because the weather can change from warm to cold quickly and if one is sporting some short little number you have to be prepared. Black leggings are safe and go with most everything, but what I realized (when there are so many walking around me) is that there is a range of black. From texture to fabric to thickness to lace, there is actually a way to personalize the common black leg. They don't have to simply be the slightly shiny kind that when stretched over your ass you can see you panties. you know the ones that I'm talking about.
The man purse in this city is another issue. Back home in LA I do not see the man purse, but here it is every where. Once again, once our out for the day your out. Therefore I understand that men need to cary with them their various necessities that will take them from day to night. But lets face it, I am in Europe the home of the metro sexual man.

Well, anyway, here's a cute little video by Sia:

June 14, 2010

Karen O’s Wild Thing (Archived from my website Wednesday, October 21, 2009)

As a whole I can’t say that I loved or hated Spike Jones' interpreted film of “Where the Wild Things Are,” but the pieces that make up the film are true artistry. Look at the puppets for example. They are perfect! And then the art work on the houses that the monsters lived is amazing. But most of all the soundtrack, I felt was the best part. It added to the film in so many ways. Standing round of applause for Miss O!

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Minitel Rose-Magic Powder

Here I go again with my love for the french electro. This track has been out for awhile but it’s worth the mention. Looks like they will have a new album out soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed
PS. The video is pretty awesome too

Check their links for more:

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

June 11, 2010

First Touch- It’s Yours & Sexy Sushi-I’m Afraid (Archived from my website)

One of my first loves of music is early 80’s R&B. This comes from having a radio in my room as a school girl and listening to it for hours. I would even sit and wait for hours with my tape recorder ready so I could have a copy of my favorite jams. These were my first mix tapes.
That is why I really enjoy First Touch. This duo is putting down some serious 80’s, disco, funk. They have captured the vibe and brought it to the new millennium.
Check out more from the band:

The french do it better. They really have the dirty electro down. Sexy Sushi, coming out of Paris, encompasses all the greatness of French disco and electro punk. Not all their tracks are as polished as ‘I’m Afraid.’ Some tracks are dance orientated and others are like noise and still others have a bit of happy pop. If you like any of the genres I’ve mentioned above, check out Sexy Sushi. Here’s some links to more:

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

This is my favorite little jam off of Temporary Pleasure, Simian's latest EP.  The collaborations is so nice.  Beth Ditto has the most amazing voice. Any track she blesses is good. I have to say that the reason S.M.D. is worthy of your time is because they are meticulous at the placement of each and every sound you hear. I realized this when I went to see them live a couple of weeks ago. They are masters at manipulating all of those little sound machines.

Here’s some other S.M.D. track that make me happy:
Hot Dog
Ladyflash remix
Are You The One Remix

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Miami Horror-’Don’t Be on With Here” (Archived from my website)

A couple of weeks ago at the Mandrake DrewTube played a video by Miami Horror. I was blown away. Not only was the it the coolest 80’s music video not coming out of the 80’s but the song was so outrageously disco, synth, I almost lost my mind. This is all the best that the 80’s gave us, reused and mashed up into one of the best little electro, disco dances tracks that I’ve heard in a while. The entire album is good. Also not to be missed are their remixes.

Click the link below to enter the world of Miami Horror.

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair