April 14, 2010

Hasil Adkins ‘She Said’ plus an L.A. Night Out

On Monday I was very entertained.

The girls at the Monday Night Tease (The Three of Clubs weekly Burlesque show) put on a spectacular performance. There were some seriously wicked acts. Then I headed over to Bardot for a new weekly called School Night were indie rock bands (such as L.A. locals Dawes) performed, DJ’s (such as Valida & Chris Douridas) compiled some eclectic music, and scenster promoters (such as Mat Goldman from DanceRight) come together for a well rounded night of music.

While watching the band I ran into Steven Sue, manager of the Purple Lounge, and we were discussing with Valida what should be the first jam she plays once the band is done. For a DJ this is a crucial moment taking these hipster-indie-rock spectators from watching a live band to dancing. Valida said Jackson Brown, I said the cramps and that’s when steven brought up Hasil Adkins.

I loved the Cramps in high-school. But, maybe because I was such a big hip hop head, I had over looked Hasil. Steven told me to go home and listen to ‘She Said’ which the Cramps cover on their 1984 release of ‘Bad Music for Bad People.’ So I went home and bought the album ‘peanut Butter Rock and Roll’ and jamed out to it for two days straight.
This guy is a maniac. A true underground rebel of his time. His music is funny and gritty. Dare I say he was one of the original punk rockers? Yes.

All this lead me to remember how much I love L.A. It is a town full of some truly talented people that are out there to perform for us. All I need to do is head out of my door and enjoy what the city has to offer.