August 20, 2010

How to Survive Top Shop and Relax to Little Dragon

When I travel to London I always make one stop at the Oxford Circus Top Shop. This is a massive store (four levels) which on any summers day is filled with frantic, trendy, style hunters searching for the latest hot, hight street fashions. It's a frenzy of women shoppers that could almost be categorized as a sport. It's enough to drive any well behaved fashionista mad.

Here is my guide for surviving the Oxford Circus Top Shop:

1. Before heading in grab some food and a coffee. You will need some energy in there. There is a cafe on the basement level but it isn't the most picturesque place in London.

2. Set a time limit. It is like a time warp in there and after two hours you may start making rash decisions that put you in the "what was she thinking" category.

3. Check out the British fashion magazines and get an idea of what you want to by. That will keep you focused.

4. Get ready to queue!  The British are so good about standing in lines.

5. Be prepared for rude staff. They have been stuck in this massive room with florescent lights, hundreds of adrenaline pumped women and no windows.  They could give a shit about you.

6. Even if the queue is long try stuff on.

Then go home and relax to some LITTLE DRAGON:

Little Dragon - Twice by 2sheep4coke

Little dragon drop by slipT kid

Little Dragon - Feather by shaunlopez

August 9, 2010

Thrasher Kind of Mood

Again, thanks to Mad Decent, the Po Po Summer Mix Tape. Totally thrash'n.
Download here:

Other Jams that THRASH:
The Horrors - Scarlet Fields by tadpolegames

The Cramps - Garbageman (Scissorkicks re-edit) by scissorkicks

August 4, 2010


Scotland is a beautiful country. I just spent the past 10 days traveling in a car, with only the radio, and visited with so many people it has been a little over whelming.
Here's a map of my travels:

It was a lot of driving with out an ipod conection. Luckly I had rented two CDs from the Library, (unfortunatly they weren't really the CDs I was in the mood to listen to, but hey.) Arcaid Fires' "Funeral", wich is a great album, and the Chemical Brothers.

Whilts in Crinan Bay I watched the ships roll in a listened to a lot of Mumford and Sons, thanks to Paul Sinclair.
Mumford And Sons - The Cave by IndieRock Universe

And then I went to the Isle of Arran and this happened to me:

On our last night in Soctland I sat up intell the wee hours of the morning, in an old hotel converted into his home, and played funk albums.
Herbie Hancock 'Wiggle Waggle' (Mr. Scruff Remix) by Mr Scruff