July 19, 2010

Love Box round up

Rizla Truck: never disapionting: always on point:

Booka Shade: the highlight: impecable:

Hercules and Love Affair: The Best, seriously:

Empire of the Sun was Awsome!

Peaches: this bitch is crazy:

Mark Ronson wasn't that great but I love this song:

Chromeo:Realy good: Danced my ass off:

Hot Chip:

Crookers: Heavy: couldn't find any live footage:

July 15, 2010

Do you hunt for vintage?

This is a store for those who are serious vintage hunters. They have pieces from the 19th century, which for a girl from the US is a big deal. Tucked away in a little western corner of London the store is almost unrecognizable by the those wandering home from the tube station. Inside is a wonder for the eyes. A mix of new designers, art and selective vintage. it is worth the trip. I heard that Kate Mose is a frequent shopper.

Lucky for those that don't live in London, you can shop on line! Click on the headline above or follow the link below to view the wonders.

July 12, 2010

Pims with Soul Clap

Doesn't this look lovely. A jug of pimps, hot weather and soulclap

To hear a full play list from Soul Clap follow the link below to their page on Sound Cloud:

Why Brighton Rocks

The pier and rides: Fun:

Sea fare: Yumm:

The fact that they throw parties like this:

Cassette Lord & Memory Cassette

July 6, 2010

Gary Numan, Empire of the Sun, and Dr Who at the Library

The Library is an amazing place. I picked up a card to my local branch and was amazed at their CD selection. For a pound I took out Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bookends' (sometimes you need a little hippie dippie in your life), Tubeway Army's 'Replicas' (an amazing album!!!!!) and Empire of the Sun's debut album 'Walking on a Dream.' Not to mention for a pound I can also rent any Dr Who which caused a Dr Who marathon in our flat.

I don't know what to say about Gary Numan. This is a classic album that was the predecessor to much electro/disco/new wave that fallowed in the early 80's. "Are Friends' Electric' (just covered by the Dead Weather) is the know one here, but the whole album is a dream. Just check this out this 1981 performance in London if your not knowing:

Because I haven't listened to it in its entirety I am super excited about the Empire of the Sun album. When I first came across them about a year ago it was the album cover that caught my attention first. It looks like a movie poster. The other day my mates and I analyzed the cover and came up with what the movie would be about. I am excited to see them perform at love box in two weeks. Hope it's not disappointing!
I guess their movie would look something like this http://www.youtube.com/user/EmpireOfTheSunSound

Food: Roasting tips:

Before cooking, season well and use a knife to make pockets in the meat for garlic halfs. Quickly sear the out side of your meat at a high temperature and then cook it at low temperature in the oven. Long and slow. Let it stand for 10 minutes before carving. Thank you Mr. Sinclair for that one
(PS. find a butcher near you that sells non industrial raised meat. you don't want slave meat.)

July 3, 2010

Greenwich Market, the center of space and time, & Jamie lidell


A picture in the foot tunnel that goes under the Thames river to a quaint cafe that serves Jerk chicken and a good cuppacino.


In this little pocket of London there is a market that is known for it's antiques, vintage, trinkets, collectables, new fashion trends and old prints. If you go there on a Friday when all the stalls are open it is a wonder of things old and new. I once bought an antique wooden wall phone that still worked.


The food stalls here are a treat. With authentic cuisine from all over the world competing for your money, most of the stalls serve fresh, home cooked fair. I went for the Japanese home made noodles. The noodles and broth are made fresh to order and dumplings are delectable as well. Fun to watch and good to eat.

Too bad this place was closed. Peeked in the window and saw vintage clothing to die for. Must go back

Did you know that time starts in Greenwich? This is because the universal meridian line runs through this village. That makes this the first shop in the world.

Music: This song is so Prince.

Mr. Lidell is playing this weekend in Hyde Park. Yummy.

July 2, 2010

Welcome to sandy balls: Camping with Lords of the Underground:

Glastonbury! One of the biggest music events of Brittan's festival season. Sorry to say I didn't attend. Instead I made my own festival while camping in the New Forest. Just a tent, gourmet food, and Lords of the Underground.

Food: Local cheeses with locally brewed beer.

Music: Aaaa, yes. Nothing like sitting in a the English country side and bumping some early 90's hip hop. Chef RocKa, Love Me or Leave Me Alone, Headbanger, Fake'n The Funk and Straighten it Out just to name a few: