September 30, 2010

Aeroplane: They Can Fly

I seriously love these guys. They killed it with their remix of Friendly Fires' "Paris" and with Sebastien Tellier's "Kilometer" and with MGMT's "Electric Feel" (Just to name a few).

Love this new one. Will be busting this one out for a while! I think that it will mix very well with some Grace Jones.

Click on the head line above for some of their mixs.

September 24, 2010

John Legend Wakes Up with the Roots

'Compared to What" is my favorite Roberta Flack song.  John Legend and the Roots do a nice little cover on their new album and I am not mad at it.  It is actually really funky.  
All in all this whole album is pretty good.  A really good collaboration for those R&B and Hip Hop heads.  Two thumbs up.

Wake Up! by johnlegend

September 14, 2010

Bob James Jams

I have a slight Bob James obsession. In my collage days, when I used to chill out to this stuff, people would walk into my dorm and ask me why I was listening to 70's porn music.
Bob James has been one of the most sought after musicians of the 70's/80's jazz/funk sound by Hip Hop and Electronic producers searching for the ultimate sample. If you go through is music catalog you will find little snippets here and there that have been sampled over and over.
Here are are few of my jams:

Tappan Zee - Bob James by USM Publishing

TOP JAM: Bob James - Nautilus

I can't even begin to explain what this jam means to me.  It is one of my TOP JAMS of all time.  A top ten.  Listening to it fills me with a feeling of whimsy and nostalgia.  I discovered this jam in my high-school days and spent a lot of time daydreaming to it.  A synth, jazz, funk master piece by the one and only Bob James.

September 3, 2010

Futurecop: Epic Synth

A little Revenge of the Nerds, a little Never Ending Story, a little Daft Punk and a lot of synth.  Still on the underground tip of the Elctro Disco scene Futurecop! has that 80's revival sound that club kids love.  Just heavy enough and still disco danceable.  

September 2, 2010

DJ Vice does a nicey mix.

Here is a little mix from DJ Vice for all thoughs that lived through the 80's and were old enough to turn the knob on the radio dial.

DJ VICE - Breakfast Clubbin Mix by DJVice