May 18, 2010

New York Hip and why I love Róisín Murphy

Last week I traveled to New York for my sister’s 21st and, unlike my UK trip, I engulfed myself in the nightlife. I used the three nights that I was there to visit with friends, check out the club/bar scene and even catch the last night of fashion week.

Night one:
The evening begin with dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in New york Grano Trattoria. This place is amazing. Fresh made pizzas and pastas. When ever I travel to N.Y. I never miss it.
I also never miss a boogie with my girlfriend Marina. She told me to meet her at 105 Rivington where a glass of Veuve Clicquot is $22. (Gasp!) DJ AM was doing a secret DJ set and I always love to here him spin. It is never disappointing. He did a whole 90’s Hip Hop set which got us pretty excited because it reminded us of our college years. I was also excited to see DJ Premiere there giving AM props. Imagine that?

Night Two:
Night two lead me to a whole day in bed with the worst hang over. I meet up with an extremely stylish couple Lindsay and Enrico who told me to meet them at the National Arts Club in Grammercy Park. This place was old world fabulous with wood panels and art draped all over the walls that verged on tacky. The event filled the rooms with a dashing fashion week crowd who were lining up for their fix of free vodka.

The event was the after party for the Kai Kuhne fashion show in which Róisín Murphy was to perform. The venue set up an intimate atmosphere in which Miss. Murphy, who performed acoustic with one guitarist, was only ever 10 feet away form anyone in the room. She is a special artist, whoes performance was filled with so much passion and beauty. She was close enough for me to touch her and I was falling in love with her. I wanted her to fall in love with me too, hoping that we could make music together that would keep her gay following happy.
Being a DJ and a music whore I was shocked that I wasn’t familiar with her solo efforts. I recognized her voice from a track on the Handsome Boy Modeling School album, and am familiar with her work with Moloko. Upon my return to L.A. I immediately familiarized myself with her entire catalog. Her music is a blend of sophisticated, electronic, disco with a lot of soul. Great music for dinner parties, boutique atmospheres or when your in the mood to be taken to another reality.

After the stellar performance Encrico was ready to move onto someplace where we could let our hair down. They took me to a little bar in the West Village loving called Beatrice’s. It is a little, grungy basement bar that has just enough decor to make it feel snazzy. Though the DJ was just playing off of itunes and an ipod, the music selection was phenomenal. It was a mash up of soul, rock from every decade and disco. Drinks were still pretty expensive but what do you expect, this is New york. Needless to say, I stayed until the bar closed and missed a whole day of sunshine.

Night Three:
This was the big night. I was to DJ for my sister’s 21st Birthday party at Bungalow 8 in which 250 N.Y.U students, my family and possible future employers were to attend. What a mess I was from the night before. It took a full days of being in doors, a slew of pain killers, a burger and fries, tomato juice and coffee to make me come around . But by call time I was ready to go.
I was glad to have called on the always chic DJ Mia Moritti to share the responsibility to make people dance. And even though she wasn't feeling well she looked amazing and rocked it!
The night was a success!

I love New York!

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Heaven 17’s 80’s icon, train journeys and a Scottish New Years Eve

I am suffering from a bad case of jet lag and am writing this at 4 in the morning. No I haven’t been up all night. I just returned from the U.K. and am just waking up. It sucks. Luckily I’ve got a couple of DJ gigs lined up this week and I am hoping that will help sort out my time clock.
Upon my return from one of the greatest places for club music I have nothing to report on that scene. My trip to the U.K. was not filled with drunken escapades, all night dance parties or experiments with class A’s. Non the less, music was a big part of my trip, as well as meeting an 80’s pop icon.

I rung in the New Years in a little cottage in a quant village in Scotland. It was really mellow but there was a lot of whisky involved. What I learned about a traditional Scottish New Year’s is you don’t start drinking until after twelve. I found this pretty strange, seeing that most people in the States are obliterated by midnight. It was a very civilized evening and I have to say that the UK radio had some really good mixes on.

Playlist for the train from Edinburgh to London:
A train journey through the Scottish Countryside is the perfect way to truly enjoy ones ipod. Just pop on your head phones and get carried away. Here’s my playlist for the journey:
Wargames - Apeanut
Black Cat - Broadcast
Funky Nassau - The Beginning of the End
Computer Love - Glass Candy
Sun King - The Beetles
A Dream - Cut Copy
Comfy Nautica - Panda Bear
Would You - Richard Swift
All I Ever Wanted - The Black Keys
Marquee Moon - Television
We Stay Here(In Our Secret World) - Jeremy Jay
Level - The Raconteurs
A Dream - Cut Copy
Falcon Jab - Ratatat

Meeting England’s 80’s New Wave Icon-Having Tea with Glen:

When we arrived in London we made our way to the fancy flat in Primrose Hill our friends loaned us while they were off skiing in Whistler. We were told to pick up the key from their neighbor Glen, who was apparently the lead singer from some famous 80’s group. For some reason the name of the group, Heaven 17, just didn’t strike a cord in my brain. After some research I realized, duh, they were only one of the pioneers of the new wave, disco movement of the early 80’s.
Forming after two members of Human League left the group, started a label and teamed up with Glen Gregory, Heaven 17 took the UK’s dance floors by storm. Though they never made it big in the States they definitely hold a place in the electro hall of fame. If you have know idea what I’m talking about click on the image of Glen above and listen to one of their jams.
During our week in London we were able to catch up with Glen for a cup of tea. He is a pretty sound guy who continues to tour and produce music. If your in the Uk any time over the next year you could catch Heaven 17 on tour. Check out the website for more on the band:

Until next time

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

The Rolling Stones-If I Was a Dancer

Last night I was driving home in the rain after Christmas shopping and this little ditty by the Rolling Stones called “If I was a Dancer” came on KCRW. It reminded me how cool the Rolling Stones are. This song is really funky. It’s my favorite track off of the album “Sucking in the Seventies” which was an album that was brought out in 1984 and containing some remastered and previously unreleased tracks.
‘If I was a Dancer’ is a grooving little dance track. Perfect for that drunk girl hanging out by the jukebox. This song displays the power the stones hold over modern rock. It would blend smoothly with The Rapture, The Virgins or Datarock. In fact, I have now already begun my playlist for Saturday’s Cocktail hour at the Standard roof downtown.

Happy Holidays!
Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Beautiful People - Barbara Tucker Deep Inside - Hardrive

I am looking over what I want to play tonight at the Purple Lounge and I can’t get this song out of my head that I heard at Temporary Spaces a couple of weeks ago. It’s an old jam from my high school rave days that conjured up an immediate feeling of dance nostalgia. You know that feeling when you completely let yourself go and the dance floor becomes heaven? Well that is where it took me.

After a click around the internet I found a newly released album by Louie Vega that has both Barbara Tucker’s ‘Beautiful People’ and Hardrive’s ‘Deep Inside’. On this album the Tucker song has been re-edited to start with the ‘Deep down inside’ vocal which is nice for the DJs. Love them both.

Tonight I am going to do a little mash with both songs along with a 90’s dance set that might include, but not limited to, Crystal Waters, Inner City, Hit Crew, CeCe Peniston, Colourbox and Armand Van Helden.

Stay tuned.
Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Hercules and Love Affair- Hercules Theme

There is so much music out there that I like, sometimes I feel that I should turn my ‘jam of week’ into the ‘jam of the day.’ In fact I wonder why many weeks I don’t even post a ‘Jam of the week.’ Every week I discover and rediscover new music, old goodies and amazing groups. I feel like my speakers are continuously pumping out the jams. I play them on my turntables. I bump them on my ipod. I rock out in my car. There is no end to my jams!
Last night when I arrived in Palm Springs for a relaxing four day retreat (missing the opportunity to DJ the New Kids on the Block after party) I realized why I don’t continuously post the ‘Jam of the Week.’ I need time to filter through them. I need time to see if a week later I still like it. With so many new artists and so many music blog spots offering endless downloads I need time to process it all. As a DJ I am over saturated by sound. Why should I push that on you?
• • • • •
That is also why it has taken me so long to put such an amazing band on the spot. ‘Hercules and love affair’ is something that your hear and immediately love. After listening to it over and over for the past several months I have no intention of putting it back on the shelf. In fact I bought it on vinyl and keep it in my DJ bag for switch out between DJ sets.
This particular Jam I posted by them is one of my favorite on the album, and picking a favorite was hard. The love making between the horns, the violins, the base and the beat is enough to make you quite your day job and join the new age disco revolution. This is serious funk.
Check out the album, open a bottle of wine, put on a sexy outfit and move your body.

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

Usher - What’s your name w/

I am really into the party jams these days. It must be because I don’t want summer to end. The Los Angeles summer party scene was off the hook. I vote to keep my dancing shoes on and keep the party people happy all the way to New Years.
This new jam from Usher featuring is just the song to keep the party going. It’s the jam that I save till the end of the night to keep bodies on the dance floor. It’s a rock'n R&B club jam that has that funky electro hit which is easily mixed in with Hip hop or electronic music.

Thank you Usher for finally releasing another club hit. I was getting sick of going to “yeah!”


Bird Peterson - Chicago Remix - 25 or 6 to Blow

It’s about time! I have been waiting a long time to be about to put Chicago in the set. As you may know my dad was the lead guitarist for Chicago and this song is his famous solo. I love this remix. Bird Peterson freaked it. I was new to his stuff and spent the last week searching for by him. He’s got endless remixes, mash-ups and little jams for the clubs. He produces stuff for DJs by DJs.
Needless to say I can’t wait to play this in the club. Thank You Bird.

Check out this link for more on on this song and others:

Sakura Night- Body Work

Are you feeling a like you need to get away? Are you over do for a little fun in your life? Well, tighten your seat belt. If your desk job is getting you down then get away to the city of Sakura.
Sakura is for the thrill seeker in you. Take part in car chases and street wars. Feast your eyes on sultry women, fast cars and neon lights. Slip into your street gear, put on your racing gloves and book a ticket with Sakura Night.

For the official soundtrack for the city of Sakura visit  

Treasure Fingers- Cross the Dance floor

I love to dance. Most people I DJ with know that. I can’t leave a gig with out a boogie on the dance floor. Every time I hear Cross The Dance Floor by Treasure Fingers I have to get up and dance, even if I’m the one spinning the tune. It’s got that classic disco-dance vibe that is irresistible to your inner dance child. This song makes me really happy.

If you like this jam please check out
There are amazing remixes and DJ mixes. Also check out the tour schedule. Treasure Fingers is worth keeping and eye on.

KRAfTWERK- Autobahn

How often does this happen to you; I was driving down the street on Monday when my better half yells out, “Holly Sh*&! Pull over! Stop the Car!” Of course I’m freaked out and I yell back, “what? What’s wrong?” He tells me that he spotted an AC/DC album propped up against a bunch of junk out side a neighbors house. AC/DC is his all time favorite rock band.
With out hesitation he jumps out of the car. I’m watching him through my side mirror, thumbing through albums. He quickly runs back to the car with an arm full of vinyl while looking around to make sure nobody’s stopping him (he looked like he had just robbed a bank).

Here’s a list of our little treasure;
AC/DC - High Voltage (Long live Bon Scott!!!!)
AC/DC - For Those About To Rock
Pink Floyd - A collection of Great Dance Songs
KISS - I Was Made For Loving you 45’ (yes!)
KISS - Alive 1
KISS -Alive 2
Iron Maiden - Killers
Phil Collins - Face Value
KRAFTWERK - Autobahn (in the Radio Activity sleeve)

We were very excited and spent the next couple of days rock’n out. I was especially stoked on having a mint condition vinyl of Kraftwerk’s Radio Activity only to find out the the record in side the sleeve was actually the Autobahn EP. Still, I can’t complain. I had an original Kraftwerk vinyl in my hand!

This EP influenced three decades of electron/rock music (Daft Punk eat your heart out). This 22 minute jam was their first commercial hit and put Germany on the map. It’s easily interchangeable with many electro bands out today. I feel it is safe to say that Kraftwerk are the pioneers, if not the kings, of synth-pop.

Thank you universe for this gift of music.

Lady Sinclair

B.T. Express- Discotizer

I was digging through the crates in my local charity shop, working my way past all the 1950’s cha cha compilations, looking for what ever gems may come my way. There was a bunch of cool stuff but for $2 I wasn’t willing to pick up half of them. Needless to say I spent $4 and bought two albums, Non Stop by B.T. Express and New Order’s Love Vigilantly. I was pretty excited.

I found these albums just in time for the disco party I’m hosting this Wednesday at La Cita, check out the flyer on the home page. My jam of the week comes off of the Non Stop album I picked up for $2. It’s called Discotizer and it’s a disco tune you probably never heard. Of the B.T. Express catalog it’s not one of their most sought after songs, but it houses all the elements of a funky, disco dance track; Heavy bass lines, synthesizers and simplistically awesome lyrics. It’s fun. Check it out.

Until next week.....

Cerrone 3 - Supernature

Aaa.. summer time. Nothing but a cold, can of malt liquor, good tunes and a blow up water slide to settle into the Los Angeles heat. That was the vibe at last saturdays Summer Camp over at littleradio. I had the pleasure of going one for ones on the decks with the lovely Jason Mason (Punky Reggae). He inspired the jam of the week.

This kids pulled out of his 5 crates of records the Cerrone album Supernature. The album cover alone is worth a thousand words (It is truly demented). The jam Supernature is the ultimate in 1970’s obscure disco. This guy has inspired a generation of electro heads. psychedelic, funky and worthy to be the soundtrack to your summer time sun fun.

Squeeze Me - Kraak & Smaak

Kraak & Smaak is this little band out of Holland that is making big noise on electro dance floors. There newsiest realize, Squeeze Me, is soulful and break-beat heavy. If your a DJ you need this in your Set. If you like electronic lounge tunes that verge on dance music, than you need Kraak & Smaak in your life.

The video is pretty cool too!

Jamie Lidell-Another Day

I was rummaging around and found this little ditty by Jamie Lidell. The song ‘Another Day’ is the first track off of his second album. It is an uplifting track that is reminiscent of old school Stevie Wonder. Filled with soulful back up singers, hand clapping and foot stomping this is a happy number for a sunshiny day. To say the least, I ended up order the whole album on vinyl which I just received this week. It’s a great album from a white guy with a soulful voice. Check it out.

Burn This Disco Out - Michael Jackson

This is my new Michael song for the dance floors this week. As a DJ I am so tired of playing the other hits such as P.Y.T., Billy Jean, and Wanna Be Starring Something. Don’t get me wrong. These songs are classic party hits but sometimes I need an alternative. I have been getting down to these songs for.... well, all my life. ‘Burn This Disco Out’ is the answer to my Michael Jackson woes. Take the time to boogie and listen to the words. It is the ultimate dance jam.

La Ritournele- Sebastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier is truly a talented man. When he teamed up with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk for his third album Sexuality, only sparks can fly. This album is prefect for a sunny, summer’s day or to set the right mood for your evening bath. It has some amazing songs on it including his EP La Ritournele, which is a beautiful song about the joys of being in love. Don’t miss out on Mr Dan’s magic Wand Mix.

Lowlife (Teenager Remix) - The Scanners

The Scanners are this groovy little band coming out of the always-cool city of London England. Their song Low Life has been getting a lot of radio play and while doing a little rummaging around I discovered the Teenagers Remix that is, in my opinion, totally club worthy. In other words it is an upbeat, party having, feel good indierock track. It is my Jam of the Week and it should be yours too.

By the way, I wanted to this weeks Jam of the Week to be a new show and A.G. song that I heard on the Wake Up Show, but I can’t seem to find it any ware. If you have any information please let me know.


Rich Girl - The Virgins

I only just discovered this groovy little song and I don’t know too much about the Virgins except that they are from New York and on their myspace page they classify themselves under new wave, R&B, and soul. What a beautiful combination.
The song Rich Girls is a feel good song with a great little base line. It is my favorite song on their ’07 EP, though the whole thing is worth buying. If you need a good pick me up song or are looking for a little boogie check out this jam of the week.
I might play it tomorrow night at Little Radios down town ware house party featuring White Denim and Restaurant. Check out for more details.

Until next week keep jamming.

Low Down- Boz Scaggs

Last week my Mom cleared out here house and gave me what was left of her and my Dad’s record collection (I have been raiding it for years). There was some pretty cool stuff in there, Steve Winwood, The Doobie Brothers, The Band, Michael McDonald, Cat Stevens, The Beegees, John Lennon, Big Pink, Gladis Knight and the Pips and Marvin Gaye, just to name a few. But the one jam that I got really excited over was ‘Lowdown’ by Boz Scaggs.
If you are a fan of Daryl Hall & Jon Oats, or any of the artists mentioned above, then you’ll love this song. This is a classic jam from the seventies. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. I want to kick off my shoes, grab a glass of wine and dance around my living room (or anywhere for that matter).
Please, if you’ve never heard this song, check it out. If you have then I suggest preparing yourself for a happy moment.

Until next time

Lady Sinclair

Hustler - Simian Mobile DIsco

I have to start by apologizing for my lack of luster for keeping up with the Jam of the Week. To make up for it I bring you two Jams this week, one club track and one love song.
Ah, valentines. You either love it or loathe it, but no one can deny a good love song. This year I am really into this cute little number by Hellen Kane called ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You,” made popular by the Betty Boop character. It is a lovely little ditty. If you are into collecting tunes from the 1920’s then this is a must.
Now on to this Jam that I have been playing at dance parties for a couple of months now, “Hustler” by Simian Mobil Disco. It rocks. The beat is heavy and the girl’s lyrics capture any music collector’s heart. It is a song for club goers, beat collectors and fans of electro music. I have to give the two producers (James Ford and James Shaw) many props on leaving their electronic rock band, Simian, to form Simian Mobil Disco.
Why, you may ask, am I only just raving about this jam now? Well, I stumbled across the video for this song and loved it, but then I came across the unofficial video on youtube and was slightly disturbed. It is sinister and has no shame in poking fun at the glamorous life of models. I’ve post both videos on my myspace page. Which one do you prefer?

Lady Sinclair’s Electro Mix Volume 3 (Archived from my website)

Chill’n Pool Side - Electro Mix vol. 3

It’s cold outside and winter lingers on. Pina coladas and bikinis seem like a far off reality. Do you need a little sunshine in your life? Something to remind you that summer is not that far off? That is why I present to you another mix from the wonder lab. I bring you a 30 minute mix of Chill’d out sounds from some really cool artists. Perfect for the pool side or curling up next to the fire.

To find out who’s in the mix and to listen go to the podcast page on Please take the time to allow the Internet to upload the mix and enjoy.

Lady $inclair’s Electro Mix Volume 2 (Archived from my website)

Dear friend,

It’s a new year and it is time for some new mixes by yours truly. I am going to break away from my usual structure of reviewing singles to bring you some of my new mixes. This is the beginning of a series of mixes I will release over the next couple of weeks. Each mix has a slightly different vibe and each with a ton of jam’n music.

For the first release I bring you Lady $inclair’s Electro mix Volume 2. It is a mix of up-tempo electronic music that is perfect for getting you in that Saturday night, dance mood. There is 43 minutes of new age synth and hard beats from some of the most renown artists in the genre as well as some new comers.

To listen go to the podcast page on Please take the time to allow the Internet to upload the mix and enjoy. If this isn’t your cup of tea, well you can wait for another mix that suits your fancy or simply hit delete.


Lady $inlciar

P.S. The picture of the robot that is used on my sight for this blog and podcast is the original robot used by Electric Light Orchestra when they toured in the 70’s.